Synthesis is the combination of components or elements to form a connected whole. 
I started to model eleven different synthesis modules in real-world measurements. 
At the beginning of this project, my main goal was to play around with wires, because wriggle cords are always fun and entertaining. I came up first with Schematics from every Module in Adobe Illustrator and weaved my way through this task until I got some Blueprints to Model upon in Cinema 4D. My first intention was to give each Module a unique and more Handcrafted look. But instead of going creatively completely overboard, I decided to rather concentrate my output more on a distinctive and straightforward solution. All Measurements for the Knobs realistically are from Rogan Control Knobs and the rack correctly is a 2x60 Hp Eurorack. The Tools I typically use to realize this Project efficiently are Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4d, and Octane Render. 
Thanks to all the artists and solitary souls outside who gave me Inspiration and Education. I sincerely love each one of you.
Constantly remember Synthesis contains the key. 
I assembled this whole project in June 2020, it gripped me around 200 hours from start to finish.